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When I switched Internet Service Providers (ISPs), I had no idea what I was getting myself into. When I filled in a requisition form, the person told me that the connection would be done within 3 days.

The engineers from Airtel came the next day. They did their job installing the cables, etc. and were on their way. The next day another engineer came over to do the networking-related work and configure the modem.

Their work was impressive. Cables were not left lying around and were fixed properly. They even cleaned up while they were leaving, something you don’t see often in India. The engineer clearly explained the devices and gave me a text file with the necessary information. They demonstrated the speed of the Internet connection as well. After they were done, a customer service person called to check if I had been given all the information.

I was already impressed but then it got better. A few days later, another person from Airtel came in to audit the installation. He checked the connections, the way everything was set up, and gathered my responses to some questions. He mentioned to me that they wanted to ensure that the installations were done properly so that the customers wouldn’t face problems (and consequently complain).

Having come from a provider with a less than stellar record, this has been impressive. I know I’m probably jinxing it but I’ve not had a single outage so far. Airtel’s installation is a great example of doing things the right way and of doing things to delight the customer.

Boy, am I glad I listened to my friend and picked Airtel!

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Note to Airtel

Go to this Airtel SMS FAQ and click the Expand All button and scroll down a bit. One of the questions you’ll see is this (emphasis mine):

Q: I don’t like the content I am getting.
A: You can select your interests by logging on to the SMS2.0 website on http://www.sms2.in.

Note to Airtel: Provide user with the URL.

There are others like this on the page, which you can try and find if you are so inclined.

I just think it’s funny that the internal communication between a vendor and a client made it to a web page. Clearly, this was a feature that wasn’t supposed to be out there.

Note to Airtel: Remove the notes.

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