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Gmail’s new additions

When I saw the new buttons in the latest version of Gmail (motto: we’re in beta, deal with it), I was pleasantly surprised.

Background story: I’m an archiver and an organizer and while I understand that searching email is easy and fast with Gmail, I still like some level of organization. So, archiving an email by marking it with a label and then clicking another button was cumbersome. The new buttons, as seen below, changed all that.

New Gmail Buttons

All I have to do now is to click Move to, select a label, and I’m done. This is so much better.

Next, I went into the Spam folder to check if any legitimate email was snagged there and clicked on one message. Here’s the warning I got.

Gmail spam warning

(I don’t think that the image capture is as clear as the original message.) The message immediately caught my attention (red probably does that to people) and the text alerted me to a possible problem. In short, the message did its job.

As far as design decisions go, these are not major ones. But, they’re really well done and deserve to be acknowledged thus. I love it when designers make changes that help users.

Thanks Gmail team. Now, if you could do something about that beta thing. Just kidding.


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